Tahm was already toxic champion to most top laner champions and now he toxic to ever champion

That frog {{champion:223}} was cancer to 75% of top laners champions and now after the changes he just have a high winrate against all top laners champions from the weakest to strongest. Even the champions that doesn't need to interact with him like {{champion:83}} ,{{champion:133}} ,{{champion:67}} and{{champion:420}} still hardly have any winrate against him, So i wonder how long he will be like that without true nerf and i thought he was supposed to be "Support" One day that balance team will touch champion with change and doesn't make them op, hopefully. And on side note : I really started to hate top lane where it either play op broken champion or let your team carry your weak champion, legit this season either abuse champions and b e meta slaves or deal with meta slaves and lose land hard or even game unless your team is super good to carry your useless top laner champion.

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