This game is neither rewarding nor fun in its current incarnation

Its just damage, damage, damage... its all that really matters these days. Games are too short to effectively build 2-3 items before the game is decided so I hope you like building the "meta-approved" item EVERY game if you want to win or be prepared to get the scorn of your teammates. One team totally stomps the other to a point where even WINNING feels awful. I'm not sure if people actually enjoy this game anymore. I used to enjoy experimenting with different items on different champions and you simply cannot do that anymore. Its damage or else... League has even lost its top spot as the most played game in the world and I believe its because of the awful direction that this game is heading in. Most gamers are about my age 25-30 and don't want to play this rubbish with ridiculous power crept new champions with insane ultimates and insane damage and insane mobility. We want to play a slower, more strategic League of the past where you could not just kill a tank in one combo with {{item:3147}} and turrets were actually a credible threat to the other team. _**What happened to this game that I used to love!?**_ Pushing champions in "roles" now and forcing a meta is killing this game. Riot used to design champions and leave it up to PLAYERS to figure out how to use them and in what lane. Now they are creating one-trick ponies like rework {{champion:44}} that can ONLY be used in one lane. Old Taric could be taken top occasionally and sometimes even jungle. Why would Riot kill off diversity in their own game? The way I see it, Riot have gone EXACTLY the same way as Blizzard. They have forgotten their days as a small company, making a QUALITY product and nowadays just churn out any old garbage and making sweeping changes to the game simple to make profit. They have forgotten how to skilfully craft an experience, the ONE thing that made them great. The artwork teams continue to churn out fantastic art work and promotional material but the gameplay team are constantly letting them down. I'm not even mad or salty... just sad for Riot really. I loved this game and the company. They used to be for PLAYERS first. Now they are for MONEY first and it really sickens me that both Riot and Blizzard have fallen in this way. Two great game companies that really used to care. Now they don't.

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