When do we adress the Champs/Classes that got left in the dust?

So earlier this season we had the Tank class update. The aim of this updated was to remove power from tank items to avoid these "tank" builds (Ekko, FIzz, Yas, etc) from cropping up while adding the loss directly back into Tanks' kits to compensated. To this extent, it was actually very successful. Lots of tanks became strong while these annoying "tank" builds disappeared. Well..... when I say "successful" what I really mean is that it was very successful ***for the Tanks that actually their compensation buffs***. Those that didnt have been left in the dust {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} The problem doesnt quite end there, however. There are quite a few different classes of Melee fighters that would build just one or two damage items then build tank items to function properly. Skirmishers, Divers, Juggies, etc. These classes were just as reliant on these tank items, but never received any compensation. These classes have been left to rot and its quite obvious that **as a whole**, they are very weak. Not to mention that the solution for draintanking was to introduce this thing {{item:3076}} which as a side effect practically negates a bunch of these champions as a whole. Bramble Vest has actually pushed Aatrox to extinction. It severely cripples a lot of others like {{champion:106}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:2}}{{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:77}}. Sure, there are some champs that people dont like in there. But if you look at the overall amount of damage it's done you cant claim that it was worth it just to annoy Fiora, for example. There are 3 champions (although admittedly not "good" by any means beforehand) that have been pretty much removed from the game because of this item {{champion:266}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:77}} If you want another example of how devastating this item was to certain champs, let's look at {{champion:36}}. The patch after {{item:3076}} was introduced, Mundo received some really large buffs to his E. Did those buffs make Mundo viable again? Did it make him even slightly better overall? No.... he is still trash because his opponent can now just build {{item:3076}} to completely shut him down in lane and in fights. {{item:3123}} was bad enough. {{item:3076}} was just complete overkill. At least with {{item:3123}} it builds into an item that not only do a lot of champs not even want, but is super inefficient until like a 4th item if at all depending on the comp. I'm not trying to pin this all on one item because there are a bunch of other Divers that feel absolutely god awful to play right now that arent directly impacted too much by it like {{champion:120}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}}. I just feel its made enough of a splash to warrant it's own response. So a few suggestions would have to be some direct buffs to champs themselves to compensate them for the tank item nerfs. They're long overdue at this point and probably should have been rolled out from the very start. Second, I think removing the GW from Bramble and only having it on the completely Thornmail is more than fair. Tanks can still have their GW easily before they have to really start dealing with ADCs in teamfights and it stops this *'900g first back haha you're no longer a champion'* crap thats happening in Top Lane. There's a lot of other factors that contribute to these classes being bad right now, but I think some compensation for the tank items nerfs would be a good place to start
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