This game's matchmaking is GARBAGE

Fuck this game at this point. I'm not the best player of League of Legends. I like to play dumb shit and have fun. Learn new stuff. Play something different. I've basically quit ranked, only very begrudgingly playing flex when all my friends want to. I haven't even placed in two seasons. Because I don't care about my rank. I got hard stuck silver, and that's probably where I belong. But lo and behold, every single norm I play, I get nothing but Gold's, Plat's, and Diamonds. Every single game. And we just get stomped. What are we supposed to do? I have my friend who just hit level 30, me who never plays ranked or tries very hard, against golds and plats 99% of the time. Is that fun? That's like someone who plays casual fighting games getting thrown into a local FGC tournament when they just wanted to play online. Why is the matchmaking so fucking bad? It makes the entire game unplayable. Obviously if you throw a Bronze/Silver player against a mid-plat player, they're going to get stomped? I can't play this game until A. The matchmaking is fucking fixed. and B. Towers actually do something in the game. I know they're working on B, but I doubt it'll be enough from someone just diving and 100-0ing you while taking a single tower shot.
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