The worst VGUs are the useless ones

I'm 10 times happier to see {{champion:39}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:50}} reworks in comparison to reworks like {{champion:20}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:19}}. If a rework comes out and it's strong, even too strong at times, you can shave it down accordingly. Remove some elements, tune some numbers...regardless of where people agree or disagree, the champ can be toned down to fit into the game better because they have the tools they need, and the issue is that they might have a few too many or their numbers are too strong. Love 'em or hate 'em, they have their use in this game. However, if a rework comes out and the tools in the kit are *weak?* You can't amp it enough to make them relevant anymore. Like, no amount of bellyaching about Yorick will make him worthwhile. Same for Nunu and Warwick. These champs look cool and embody their fantasies rather well...but who cares when they *blow massive chunks?* Nunu doesn't engage or disengage well enough as a tank, Yorick's whole gimmick is a noob trap (split 2 lanes at once and get bodied because your ult is off on its own ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE MAP), and Warwick doesn't do anything important as a jungler that can't be covered through smart jungle play on almost anyone else. People like praising these reworks as "the good ones", but who does everyone flock to? Definitely not those guys. When have these guys been meta-relevant? Definitely not "ever". Why do people even consider these reworks good? Definitely not because they're actually good. It's more because "they look neat and they don't get in my way as I play Orianna/Anivia/Ahri/Definitely-Not-Those-Guys mid". Over-tuned champs get nerfed, and that's fine. What I TRULY can't stand is a useless sack of shit.
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