The phrase, “League is dead” is getting kind of old now.

Many people have said this time and time again, from League haters to analysts. Here’s the thing: They said that DOTA will kill it, and yet here it still stands. They said that Overwatch will be more popular, yet here it is. They said DOTA 2 will kill it harder, and yet LoL still stands prouder. They said PUGB will snipe it down, but looked here, the MOBA is still goin. They said Fortnite is destroying League by more than half its viewers and profits, but that proved to be false (thanks Ninja). They said Battlerite is the tidal wave that will wash League away from the annals of history, but that certainly didn’t keep LoL down. League isn’t going to die any time soon. Rather, it is changed, always shifting. Not necessarily evolving, but transforming its own fundamentals. It has been with the world for so long, it has become its own culture. And trust me, culture is harder than anything to suppress.
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