Can we make Wukong a good champion?

His early game is awful, you get countered by most of the top lane picks, your dmg output is pathetic compared to most tops despite being at the same amount gold and items, your supposed to be an amazing scaler but you get hard out-scaled by so many champions: Rengar,Jax,riven,irelia,fiora,all adcs etc.* and your ultimate feels pathetic. Orianna,Kennen,Malphite all have similar ultimates to WuKong and what they are suppose to do but his output is pathetic since you'll never get the full duration because they either flash, kill you or push you away and even if you do its terrible since your autos do more then the ultimate and are faster. its either you burst as Wukong or you do absolutely nothing so come on just make him great again.
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