(Poll) Has the current state of the game had an impact on the time you spend on League?

It'd be nice if we could get as many votes as possible, as I've seen a lot of players saying that they're quitting. I actually want to see how many of you guys have started playing less since the end of pre-season. Read this after you've voted for an un-biased result: Personally I feel like I haven't had the same urge to play a as I've had during season 6 and 7. However, maybe it's because i started playing at the start of season 6. Either way, I kinda prefer the slower paste games rather then the current "You died once early and now we're going to stomp for 15 min til we 5-man your nexus with herald" gameplay. This is all my personal experience and I really wish I was on the same page as Riot when it comes to their development decisions. It will be a long time before I stop playing for good, yet I've found the current state of the game less enjoyable compared to my previous experience.

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