Riot what are these changes? It's just going downhill.

I took about a month off from playing league because the game made me angrier than it gave me pleasure, so I took a break. I come back and play a couple of games, during these games I realized nothing was different and if it was, it was worse than before. Nasus jungle is a thing now I guess, 12 stacks a monster? This made it to live servers? Enemy Nasus has 400+ stacks at 14 minutes from AFK farming his jungle. Unless you play an invading jungler there is nothing you can do, almost no one can outscale Nasus, why did they buff him so much in the jungle? Nasus stopped working because late game stopped being a thing, how can I combat a Nasus who AFK farms then just runs at me with 400+ stacks at 14 minutes in? Like seriously, I am asking if anyone has a strategy to combat this besides perma-banning him? Has Riot addressed this issue? Or am I the only one tilted by this? EDIT: I'm just pointing out how playing a non-aggressive, non-invading, or non-early game jungler has a hard time against this. When you come face to face with a level 6ish Nasus with 75+ish stacks he's very hard to beat in a 1v1.
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