Daily Reminder: Nasus Wither on 45%CDR Rank 5 has an effective 1.05 second cooldown.

It says 6.05 seconds on the tooltip, but because the cooldown starts as soon as W is pressed on a target and not after, it technically has a 1.05 second cooldown. I like getting slowed by 95% by a point and click ability. I like my attack speed cut into half by a point and click ability. I like that I cannot build Tenacity to counter it because you get slowed faster than 5 seconds with Tenacity. Tell me the counterplay to this bullshit, toxic game design? Don't say stupid shit like "Buy QSS" or "Buy Mikaels", like how many times is that going to stop Nasus from spamming W off cooldown? The only proper counterplay to 45%CDR Nasus Wither is to "Just don't get clicked on". If you get hit by a 45%CDR Nasus W, pray that your Flash or something comes back up before he goes full URF mode with Q spam. The only way Rito can add proper counterplay to Nasus Wither is to either make the cooldown start after the effect has worn off, or start the slow at 95% and decay over time instead of increasing the slow.
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