Jungle "Season 9" is broken beyond repair

What has RIOT done to Jungle??? - If you carry as a jungle (having more gold than laners), then you lose, because laners have no gold to be self-sustainable and you can't be everywhere. - If you fall behind as a jungle (having less gold than laners), then you lose because of inefficient ganking potential (under leveled/ less items) - If you have less objectives then the enemy jungle, then you lose by default because buffed enemies (w/ right team comp) steamroll into sustainable lead - If you DO manage to grab objectives, then RIOT's broken-ass balancing system nulifies that if the enemy has OP champs that can snipe while under-leveled, having no health or items (aka. JAX, MUNDO, DARIUS, SYLAS, AKALI, YAS, Quianna...blah blah blah broken-ass champs (x130 and counting!!!) - If you camp a lane, then you lose because you're putting yourself behind in XP (as well as your teammates), especially if yall can't even get tower ALSO, roaming is killer for any position if done too much, and that's what jg does 100% of the time is roam, roam, roam, maybe get a few camps along the way, roam, roam , roam, some cs from lanes that you gank for, but nothing really substantial to make a difference. THE POINT of this is that jungle has recently become increasingly irrelevent as a position. If your teammates do NOT have the upper hand in their lane and lack basic comprehension of how to play LEAGUE OF LEGENDS, then it's GG (usually from the start; especially in solo-que; Low Elo; gaming w/ full-tilts). You literally have to "spoon feed" your laners (by yourself), take objectives (by yourself,) drop wards (by yourself), coach team and have them NOT listen to your pings, baron calls, or MIAs while ... all the while, you fight an intense urge to snap your PC in half and throw its remains out the nearest window. ..... I think i'm just done with this game.
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