I wish you could toggle Player "Help" sometimes

I'm talking about the feature in DOTA wherein you can toggle whether or not a teammate such as Kunkka can target you with "X Marks the Spot", which is essentially a forced Leblanc W recast. There are times where I legitimately don't want to get trolled, intentionally or not, by Tahm Kench, Kalista, Yuumi and even on odd occasion, Kayle. In all these cases I'd much rather have a feature that allowed me to disable all "Help" in order to get it into the player who is piloting one of those champions that they have to target somebody else, I do not need them to assist me or "assist" me. I understand that making this feature would bring about unintended side effects as well, however, I'd blame the community on that one, and it's definitely a great change for the long run if LoL's community can actually grow up and use it for its intended purpose; in a game where an open mic or team voice chat system does not exist.
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