braum, beaten into supportism

why bruteforce champions into fixed roles. Could someone explain to me how its a good idea to 100% bruteforce a champion with scaling ratios for only support play. I see this in many riots champion designs but braum has been especially brute forced into being played as a support. He literally needs to buy 9 items to be a solo laner just because his damage scaling has been intentionally distributed into being unbuildable. What I mean by it , is that his passive takes 2.5% of his max hp - so the inner nerd is going, aight so I go some hp damage items then right.....wrong his w scales with mr and armor....aaaaand his ult scales with ap ...because you know you are going to be building shittons of ap on a champion whose passive is designed around hitting your opponent 4 times and on top of it building hp and armor/mr. It basically looks like riot wants you to pick braum and rush sightstone+zzrot and if you intend of engineering anything new on him then fuck you. How to kill creativity, bruteforce the meta, don't let the game evolve, make the game evolve. Because everybody loves to see yasuo in 80% of their normal games. I remember when people said this game has so much variety....bullshit riot has its faviorite 20 champions it balances the game around and shits out another one every 1 -2 months to have more skins to sell and then most likely forgets it right after. I mean you have people running into botlane playing velkoz/brand/pick your midlaner of the week as support and its fine, but somehow it makes sense to make some kits flexible and others not. I just don't get the logic behind making something intentionally unbuildable, how is it acceptable for irelia to be overpowered every other month but braum doesn't even get a chance.
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