CertainlyT Strikes again.

Aphelios is another overloaded kit champ unleashed onto the rift to soon. While his damage is suppose to take skill to do it feels more like everyone just waits for the flamethrower that gives rumble performance issues. he is able to mark with calibrum and switch to the flamethrower to shoot a tracking round that burst into and aoe after hitting at what seems like an unlimited range if still marked. At least this champ does not have a dash and is low mobility. this champion needs to be tuned down and will be in the next patch but for the love of god why do they let such monstrosities onto the rift in this state. Senna came out and wasnt even this bad. Then we get aphelios. Too many champions are being put into the game in to short of a time. in another month or two we get sett who will wreak havoc as well. Back to back champions instead of game tuning or balance issues.
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