Yasuo's {Passive} might be changed because everyone can have it, But Wukong's Stone skin won't?

For anyone who doesnt know what I'm talking about, {{champion:62}} 's Passive is called {Stone Skin} and it gives you 8 armor+MR for each nearby enemy at lvl 16 resulting in 40 additional Armor and MR lategame. The design team created an item {{item:3193}} that gives the same passive with the same name {Stone Skin} but gives you 40 Armor + MR with only 3 nearby enemies. and now that the new {{item:3031}} doubles your critical strike {Yasuo's Passive} , the design team is thinking of changing {{champion:157}}'s passive because of that, or at least it's one of the reasons. You see, you have the ability to work on any champion and hot fix them in a day, but because Wukong is not popular at all , yeah, you still have no idea what to do with him. Bonus: now Wukong's passive is even less existent because of the Last whisper changes.
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