Name the most scariest team comps to play against

Here's mine: Top: {{champion:107}} Jungle: {{champion:56}} Mid: AP {{champion:19}} Adc:{{champion:29}} Support: {{champion:14}} Here's a scenario where an adc is playing against this comp: {{champion:67}} : Ohh look at that huge wave bot, imma go farm it. ({{champion:19}} blood hunts her) {{champion:67}} : ? ({{champion:107}} Ults her) {{champion:67}}: o_o ({{champion:56}} also ults her) {{champion:56}} : DARKNESS ({{champion:14}} then charges in with his ult) {{champion:14}} : CHAAAAARGE And finally... {{champion:29}} : Oh hello! "You have been slain" {{champion:67}} : [all] gg report my support
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