a way to nerf akali with out removing true stealth

just make it so that towers can see her but not true sight. this would make it so that her team fighting is still good but she cant tower dive u at lvl 3. and olease revert the fucking change that u guys did like 3 days ago. akali is a shitty champion right ow becuase she is unfun to play against when shes fed. becuase she can just tower dive u. but if u make it so that she cant just tower dive you then ppl wouldnt be so mad. its imple but u guys choose to do something braindead and juts make it so that it feels shitty to play akali. of topic but wtf are u guys thinking? u have mad a champion that is cancer to play against so u would think that the trade off would be that shes fun to play but nope. shes fucking anoying to play as right now becuase ur stealth doesnt fucking do shit. the only thing it does is make u hide, if u try to take a quick trade with Q Auto then the enemy has time to fucking full rotation ur ass and kill you. its not fun play akali right now becuase ur stealth doesnt to shit when ur trying to have a quick trade. and in long trades it doesnt do anything becuase ur Q CD is so fucking low that u dont have to wait for it and ur E W CD is so high that u wont get it back in time so this basicly makes it so that u Q AA and then stealth but u cant stealth anymore becuase t takes so long to fucking stealth. so its better to not stealth at all and just go all in and use ur W as an escape tool rather then a trading tool. becuase every channel ability goes thru right before u restealth so it sdoesnt matter if u did a really quick trade becuase they will hit everything on u anyway. but if u never go out of stealth they cant do shit and u can just run away. this post was a fucking mess but tbh i dont care
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