How to beat Lulu, Soraka, Nami, and other supports like them?

In particular today I fought a Lulu bot. Now granted I decided to run Galio support with the hopes my magic shield and Q poke could keep her at bay and then all in her when the time was right. Lulu does way more damage early than I realized, and over the next couple levels, she only gets beefier and by extension her adc, in this case an Ezreal. Now it was a bad game for our bot over all, we kept getting roamed and their jungle ganked us 7 times by 8 min mark by my estimate. I tried to ward more, but we were fighting under tower a lot to try and bide time. I did not blame our jungler cause he was going for the late game split push win, and would've had it if we had played smarter in the closing moments of the game. He played the long game and we just made poor choices defending our own base. With all that out of the way, and getting back to my first point, Lulu was scary in lane, and I've had similar problems facing Soraka and Nami for the same reason. They do so much damage and if you try to all in them, the enemy adc gets off scott free and goes to town on you. Alternatively if you focus the adc, they get buffed and healed while these supports DPS you with a surprising amount of hurt. What's the conventional strategy to deal with these sorts of match ups? I really want to be able to handle them better.
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