You know balance team has no idea what they are doing when they revert reworks after reworks.

Assassin update? Well fuck that,revert that shit ADC itemization? Fuck that now Caitlyn can once again drop 3.000 crits everywhere They wanted to give more time for ADCs to react and they updated them...they literally reverted every single change ALTHOUGH RENGAR NEEDED TO JUST JUMP ON YOU WITH R BECAUSE HE HAD A GUARANTEED CRIT +OLD INFINITY EDGE+DUSKBLADE (He was weak,hint,no he was not) And what are they doing now? Even newly released assassins or even mages (they became assassins as well for some reason) can one shot you in just under a second. What the fucks wrong with you riot? And now you revert the ADC items? With Vaynes current state and fucking Lucians? Huh it's going to be fun. Make up your fucking mind
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