My team keeps feeding, what can I do?

So I have recently ranked up to silver after years of being bronze. One thing I noticed is that people feed way harder in silver than in bronze. I am having consistent problems with teammate(s) going 1-12 consistently. I still have a positive win rate but that is because they other team usually blows a late game team fight and we end up winning that way. I consider myself an AD carry main but I am somewhat decent at every role but top lane. The problem I have is that my teammates constantly want to fight and are kill greedy. I like to play champions that are good late game and see the benefit in taking gathering storm. My teammates seem to all in everyone they see. I have teammates trying to 1v1 their lane opponent when they are 0-5 and their lane opponent is 5-0. I try to tell them to chill and farm it out until late game but they seem to ignore me and take another fight to make it 0-6. I have had many teammates chase a full health support from dragon pit to their inhib towers burning both summoners to only get caught by the entire enemy team that was on their way to save their support. The problem I have is that the people that feed aren't even the ones that should be focused in team fights. They are our tanks and supports that for whatever reason are in their jungle alone and get caught out. I am usually the only one, maybe one more that has died less than 10 times. I am the adc, i am usually the first or second person focused in a team fight and I have no problem. I cannot remember a time I have died more than 10 times in a game, these aren't like 60 minute games either, my average is probably like 30-35 minutes. I have tried telling teammates to chill and farm in order to wait for late game. I have tried playing jungle to help out losing lanes, but the problem is that they always want to fight, and they will fight whether i'm there or not. I am a decent jungle but I know that there are a bunch of players better than me so thats why I stick to ADC. My question is, what can I do to get my teammates to die less. What role should I play, whenever I switch roles it seems that whatever role I just came from seems to feed the most. Has anyone else had a problem like this and found the solution?

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