DEAR EVERYONE, especially ADCS. This is your RELIC SHIELD support talking. Do not take cannon. It's not your's unless I don't have a charge. _And I have SAVED a charge_. You take my cannon? You take: My first back powerspike My first back's boots, my roaming potential and engage potential Our team's wards, objective control _(and ISTG if you FLAME us over 'no vision'......)_ And, if you keep doing it, Over 500 gold come mid / lategame from your frontline Waveclearing and your relic sup is here? If you're not clearing to ward off a dive, let the support in for that cannon. Playing ADC and your sup is zoning/warding/looking for engage while a cannon wave's there? Don't just start _emptying your magazine_ into cannon for no reason. We thought we had more time. If we notice, we will run over- and if you don't STOP autoing at that point, we can throw eachother off and lose it. {{sticker:sg-janna}} Come on guys, this is easy stuff. Don't get outplayed by _minions_.

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