2 fair Yasuo game balancing changes without changing his abilities

Each of Yasuo's abilities are unique and really make him feel like a strong, mobile, fighter that is a fun champion to play. Rather than change his original abilities, I see opportunity for 2 minor compromises that let him remain to be the Yasuo we know and love, make him much less frustrating to play against, and overall make him more of a pleasure to see on the rift. These 2 little changes provide the most game play value for as little coding implementation as possible, AND they leave room for creative balancing tweaks to them. They are: **1) Move Yasuo's passive RESOLVE (the white shield) to his W.** *Reasons for Change 1:* Everyone gripes that Yasuo having 2 passives is strong. So at the very least make the compromise of moving it to his W. W is already a defensive spell. So give Yasuo an incentive to learn this skill even in matchups with enemy's that don't have projectiles (like Garen, Darius, Karthus, etc). Heck even him not having this passive shield for lvls 1 and 2 will feel like a breath of fresh air for mages trying to lock down a fast dashing, tornado-spewing monster. *Recommended Tweak 1:* Make the shield activate on wind wall press. I think we could do away with the whole shield-comes-up-every-so-often especially because we already see it on other champions (Camille and Rakan). Also, this would add skill expression to the shield and also might barely save his ass in some situations where the wind wall won't block a skill [see change 2]. Yasuo might use it situationally more so for the shield, but by paying the cost of the windwall cooldown, giving his opponents windows for counter attack. *Tweak 2:* Flow only generates after Wind wall is used. Kind of like the first tweak but giving Yasuo the shield after the windwall rather than immediately. I quite like this because it synergizes well with the idea of first blocking a projectile, THEN Yasuo has a shield to work with. *Tweak 3:* Make the passive shield be a reward for blocking projectiles. This leaves in a lot of room open for interpretation and implementation. **2) Yasuo's Windwall blocks all projectiles but it does NOT block ANY ultimates.** *Reasons for Change 2:* Imagine if you will that Yasuo was meta. And somehow beyond our wildest believes Yasuo was in the world championships. Imagine a game where Yasuo was darting around going HAM picking up a kill and then suddenly the enemy Jinx was able to snipe him across the map (maybe even with an opportunity for a double with the aoe splash), would we want to see Yasuo be able to delete that rocket just because his windwall cooldown was back up? Or would we want to see the explosion of a sick play? Everyone agrees that windwall is frustrating. It's a very cool ability to use but Yasuo has alot of other cool things going for him that him being able to NEGATE another champion's ULTIMATE ability with a BASIC ability is just anti fun. This compromise also serves as a clear rule that even new players can understand, and makes it easier for game designers moving forward: Yasuo's windwall can NOT block ultimates. Because as it stands right now, it just doesn't make sense some times as to why, for example, Nami's Tidal Wave disappeared. I have to explain to my lvl 5 newbie friends that it was just because it was *coded* as a projectile. It's just fair man. Yasuo's wind wall is on a much shorter cd than ultimates. This change will allow him to keep his currently moderate cooldown, which feels good for him in late game skirmishes. I think I did excellent job of making compromises that keep Yasuo's core kit unchanged. This would make these changes much easier to implement and test. I hope many Riot eyeballs get to see this and it stirs the gameplay team's design ideas. Please comment your thoughts on my ideas so we can talk about it. Thank you.
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