[fervor] I know you probably heard this but please listen

I have said this on a pbe message. I say fervor needs to be added back so that bruisers and adcs can do dmg in teamfights. Is press the attack good? yes Did fervor have issues? No Do I want fervor? I need it kled is a champ I have taken in consideration a lot, sure you have more burst with press the attack but after I kill the target I will be left useless in team fights casue without buying a triforce I have no form of using that mastery again. MELEE bruisers that lose more than they gain in team fights and in a potential 1v1 {{champion:240}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:19}} (there are way more such as certian adc) The runes reforged says choose your play style. well my play style is to have sustained damage in fights with bruisers and with ex. camille what is she gonna take a mastery to increase the damage of a true damage q that cant even be increased or decreased. Please take this in consideration I dont want burst I want to be able to switch targets with ease. (and also singed has no mastery apart from predetor/storm raiders)
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