Countering Shields all day, every single day (Possible Ohmwrecker upgrade?)

My question is how can anyone defeat the lulu, karma, and janna supports? No matter how tanky our leona is, I have no idea why lulu or karma can have so many shields. I propose that Ohmwrecker has the ability to disable shields. For example, why would Ohmwrecker be used to disable turrents. I cannot get access on popularity on items. We all know Ohmwrecker is a dead item, but if we're given a opportunity to disable shields within 3 seconds. This item can be viable again. Think of it as activate this item , similar to morgana root/lux root, remember you cannot move. However, those shields cannot be used, and I think this is the item to finally counterplay against those strong shields. Not to mention the passive items of redemption, ardent censer, and much more to empower the shields. WE simply have no counterplay against shields. Thank you, Office
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