Support / Vision

The idea of support is becoming a thing of the past. First, why is vision a thing of the past now? Depending on the starting item, getting wards is becoming a problem and killing the game as far as letting early snowball happens in 2 different ways. It lets the enemy jungler just own early game (despite these camp xp nerfs), and when this happens, the enemy bot lane wins and bullies so much that they finish their 500 gold for wards and you can be at 100 gold. GG right there. It snowballs those 2 reasons. Second, I think everyone has seen this meta change and will supports remain? There have been a lot of changes. Items with lethality crushing, vision spotting duskblade, and increased priced starting items for support. This game has changed a lot. Not just by new champs or buffs, but by the whole strategy of team comp, strategy, and execution of teamwork. Now it's just who can 1 shot / bruise. From the mage nerf meta to now the support abandonment, the idea of a lane's importance is becoming as little of importance as team roles and people might as well just do random picks an any lane. I see it every day I play SR ranks or norms now. Anyone else's thoughts/opinions? Feel free to agree or disagree; would like to hear.
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