Bad runes for mages

With Electrocute being a Dominion keystone, burst mages and control mages don't really have a choice but to take Dominion. The problem is that other runes in Dominion are tailored to assassins/skirmishers and don't fit mages at all. Sorcery has great runes but secondary path only allow 2 runes to be selected. Another problem is choosing between Sorcery and Inspiration. Stopwatch and Cosmic Insight fit mages super well, while Ultimate Hat and Transcendence give mages with game changing ultimates (e.g. Orianna) much more power. Sorcery as a primary rune is fine but Arcane Comet just wouldn't land on a champ like Velkoz with no reliable CC. Early game Arcane Comet damage is also almost negligible. It would be very nice if Electrocute is a Sorcery keystone. That way mages can work with Sorcery + Inspiration. I feel like mages get the least out of the new runes system. ADC has higher attack speed and deals much more dmg with the new runes; Support have shields and heals that are broken; Tanks are tankier than ever and with health and Armor/MR runes ; and assassins get more vision control and more burst. Meanwhile mages get to choose between Sorcery, Dominion, and Inspiration, and Dominion doesn't even fit mages well.{{item:3070}}
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