nerf twitch before he ruins another season

now i couldnt give a shit how popular a champ is or how high their winrates are, im not really the type to complain about riven/vayne although i do ban them sometimes when they become popular. im here to talk about the laughable state of twitch. twitch is an AoE stealth hypercarry with a safe laning phase that benefits from ardent. you cant react to twitch accordingly cause he always positions himself perfectly with stealth after hes team engages or he can clear up a fight if he joined late, sometimes he can just walk up to the enemy 2v5 if fed enough with a lulu/janna by hes side and penta. why pick a weaker right clicker when you can pick the strongest one that doesnt have a bad early game WHICH IS WHY HES ALSO JUNGLED. hes also a cheese champ! but let me guess, the balance team will just nerf lux/blitzcrank/gragas instead and MAYBE nerf the true damage of twitch in september when the true damage isnt the problem. now for the love of the entire playerbase, gut twitch. the champion is a problem and alot of idiots that play him tend to get their accounts banned alot. hes too easy and hes disgustingly broken. hes not popular because hes fun, hes popular because hes broken otherwise we would have seen 6+ years of twitch.
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