Ranked Rewards: The Unabridged Version ***All Rewards Distributed!!!***

>#UPDATE Nov 14th 14:09 PST: >Players who should have received rewards, but didn't in the initial waves should have received them by now. If you believe that you should have received rewards, but didn't, make sure to [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to us in Player Support and take a look! ----------------------------------------------------------- >#UPDATE Nov 10th 11:57 PST: >As our machines churned out rewards for everyone, there was a bug that didn't properly grant Victorious Maokai to players who previously didn't earn Maokai. These players may have gotten the champion, but not the skin or neither. >We identified what the problem was and are hoping to get this resolved by the end of the day. We're on top of it! ----------------------------------------------------------- >#UPDATE Nov 10th: >Rewards should be completely distributed and given out to all Riot Regions (except Garena)! If you earned any Ranked Rewards, you should see them in your inventory. Congrats! >If you didn't receive rewards but are convinced you should have, make sure to [submit a ticket over to Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) so we can investigate and help out! ----------------------------------------------------------- >#UPDATE Nov 9th 22:04 PST: >We have finalized lists of all players earning rewards for the 2016 season. We've removed those who are ineligible, and are going to start dishing them out. >Remember, rewards are given out in waves. So it is possible to get some of your rewards, but not others at a certain time. Additionally, your friends might have received them before you did. Sit tight! We're going to get them to you! ----------------------------------------------------------- >#UPDATE Nov 9th: >We've been testing our reward distribution by completing it in two smaller regions, Oceania and Japan. Players in these regions should have recieved their rewards, if elligible. >We are going to test it one more additional region, before we start rolling out rewards in much more massive regions such as NA and EUW. I'll update everyone once those rewards start happenin' ----------------------------------------------------------- >#UPDATE Nov 8th: >With the Ranked Season officially over, we are currently compiling everyone's info who played and placed in Ranked this Season. Once we gather everyone's info and identify all of the people who were disqualified for rewards, we will start granting them out. >Once we get an ETA when reward distribution starts, I'll let everyone know. ***REMINDER*** Rewards are given out in waves, so when we do start, it's possible you see others with their rewards, but not yours yet. ----------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone, Ranked Rewards are the culmination of everyone's hard work throughout the season (or that last minute grind fest). Here are some of the exact requirements to unlock those rewards: http://i.imgur.com/08PQgpq.jpg -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >#***Ranked Season*** * The Ranked season will end at November 8th, 00:01 in each region. [Get the countdown clock for your region here!](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/230496748) * You will need to be in the Loading Screen (Champ select needs to be finished) by Nov 7th, 23:59:59 for the final game to count * Challenger tiers will update one final time at 23:45 on November 7th. * This means your game needs to have finished by this time for it to count! * If you decay at exactly 00:00 on November 8th, you will get rewards based on where you land after the decay. * You can find a full list of rewards for each Tier [in this Article](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/228380727-2016-Season-Rewards) * Loading Screen border rewards only show for certain queues: * Ranked Solo/Duo - 2016 Dynamic Queue * Ranked Flex 5v5 - Best of 2016 Dynamic Queue or Ranked 5s * Note: Borders in this queue won't appear until patch 6.23! * Ranked Flex 3v3 - 2016 Ranked 3s * Normal Summoner’s Rift - Best of 2016 Dynamic Queue or Ranked 5s * Normal Twisted Treeline - Best of 2016 Dynamic Queue or Ranked 3s * Co-op vs. AI Summoner’s Rift - Best of 2016 Dynamic Queue or Ranked 5s * Co-op vs. AI Twisted Treeline - Best of 2016 Dynamic Queue or Ranked 3s * Custom - Best of any 2016 queue * Rotating Game Modes - Best of any 2016 queue * ARAM 5v5 - Best of any 2016 queue >#***Ranked Dynamic Queue*** * To earn rewards, you must have played ***ALL*** 10 games (your placement games) * Unlike Ranked Teams, you ***do not*** need to ***win*** 10 games to earn rewards * Rewards are awarded depending on your ending rank at November 8th, 00:01, ***NOT*** your highest achieved * ***NOTE:*** Your emblem for either a solo player or teamplayer has no impact on any of the rewards. Only the type of game mode (Dynamic Queue, Ranked Team 5's, Ranked Team 3's) influences what reward you get. * You must be Silver Tier and above to receive a Loading Screen border * You must be Gold Tier and above to receive the Victorious Maokai Skin (If you don't own Maokai, he will be added to your account.) * ***NOTE:*** If you purchased Maokai right before receiving Victorious Rewards, he will ***not*** be refunded. >#***Ranked Teams*** * You must have ***WON*** 10 games in a single ranked team to qualify for tier rewards that team has achieved. * You must have 10 wins on the same team, not on multiple teams * If you won 10 ranked games on a team, and then are kicked from that team, and not re-invited/rejoined you will ***not*** earn tier rewards. Player Support cannot override or change this. * You ***NEED*** to be on that team on November 8th, 00:01 in order to earn tier rewards * If you were kicked from (or left) a team for whatever reason, and then rejoin, your past wins ***WILL remain***. You do ***NOT*** need to start over in terms of number of wins * For example, if you won 8 games, and then were kicked from (or left) the team (then re-invited), you would only need to win 2 more games, because your prior 8 wins are remembered. * If you join a ***new different team***, you will still need to earn 10 wins on that team * The Ranked Team Ward Skin is unlocked for each individual (not team) based on how many points you individually earned on a Ranked Team during the Ranked Season: * You must ***WIN*** Ranked Team games to earn points -- Points are individually earned, not tied to specific teams * Victory in Ranked Team 3v3 - 1 point * Victory in Ranked Team 5v5 - 3 points * Points are earned from ***ALL*** Ranked Teams combined. Points do not have to be earned within a single Ranked Team. Even if you leave the team, are kicked, or if the team disbands, your points remain. * Ward Skin tiers are unlocked at 15, 30 and 45 points respectively * You must earn 15 points to earn the base Ward Skin >#***Things that will get your ass disqualified from Ranked Rewards*** * Currently banned or having ***active*** chat/ranked restrictions at November 8th, 00:01 * If you got a 7 day (or more) ban ***issued*** on August 7th 00:01 or after, you will be ineligible to receive rewards. * Players banned for boosting or who were boosted during the ***2016 season*** remain ineligible for rewards * Players who received fraud-related (including Chargeback bans) and accidental/false bans will ***still*** be eligible * Players who had LeaverBuster suspensions are ***still*** eligible * Being ineligible for 2016 Ranked Rewards does not automatically disqualify you from getting other rewards in future seasons >#***Reward Distribution*** * All rewards (Borders, banners, icons, skin wards, Victorious Maokai/Champion) will be distributed in the coming weeks. We'll give further updates as rewards are sent out regarding timelines! * Rewards are distributed in waves. If you see others with rewards, but you haven't been rewarded yet, ***don't panic!*** You will get your rewards in subsequent waves * If you want your reward border to be removed from your account for whatever reason, [contact Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) and we'll take care of it.
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