Normal mmr and Ranked mmr

**I'm not sure if i'm bad or if people are so bad that they just drag me down.** So heres the story I keep playing norms and currently my norm mmr is at about plat 4, and my ranked mmr is gold 4, but heres the catch everytime I play ranked I play my champ and I win my lane about 70/40 with a score of about 2/1/4 - 4/2/1, with about 10 - 30 under perfect cs. So i'm not feeding and i'm not doing bad, but the game just seems to spiral out of control. Idk if I should play aggressive and maybe die but get fed if I can or play safe and just lose. So what i'm saying basically is it feels like i'm losing cause of one bad players mistakes over my own. Id like to mention I have a high honor, and I tend to be the one making calls, and when I do we win the fights. Its when other players just make really really bad plays. Another thing I'd like to mention is I play norms with plats diamonds, and even masters, but I do so much better, and i'm not just getting carried I tend to carry the team myself with outplays. That's the other thing I tend to outplay but I just lose cause I'm either 1v3 or the just got way ahead of me that its pointless even fighting them. So in short I have the mechanical and skill to play vs plat to high diamond players but I cant even win gold 4 games. I need some help or tips cause idk what to do. Like should I just try to snowball as hard as I can or something cause ive tried that but its always the same story. Like I feel like i'm getting punished for playing safe like what. Like maybe there should be some kind of rune to help these players out for reference I play champs like Camille, lee sin, akali and manly every champ

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