I can already hear the "Noob Level" players....

With the uncapped levels, there is going to be an even more annoying form of player hate that will sound like "You're only level 60? You're such a noob at this game, don't talk to me until you're level 100". We all know this is going to happen because it already happens with "Ranked Hate". People talking down to other players that are a lower rank than themselves, except now it will be them hating on people of a lower level. Another thing that tells me this is going to happen is the fact that "Level Hate" already exists in the game. If you're level 30 and playing with anyone that isn't level 30, you automatically dismiss them as garbage because they haven't played the game long enough to reach 30 yet so you "gg we lost" before the game even starts. Now people will be like "I'm level 80 with level 50 noobs on my team, Riot fix this broken system!" I'm already annoyed just thinking about this coming........ Don't get me wrong, I want the uncapped levels. I just don't want THIS to come with it.
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