Why Do People On Here Refuse to Admit Kayle is Broken?

Just about every post I see mentioning on how Kayle is overpowered/broken gets mass down voted for whatever reason, with most of the replies of people saying that "She isn't op her early sucks!" https://champion.gg/champion/Kayle/Top?league=platplus Reality is, her early doesn't suck at all. She doesn't even hit below a 50% winrate at any point in the game, and only does in Silver and Gold. https://u.gg/lol/champions/kayle/build/ And why don't you look at that, her stats are practically the same as Rivens when new conq came out and she became batshit busted. Seriously, 55% winrate, nearly a 13% pickrate, only one champion who has above a 50% wr against her (toplane), and quite a high banrate. Though the people who blindly defend her would be going crazy if it were a champion such as Yasuo who had the same exact stats. What gives Kayle a free pass?
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