why is riot so afraid of reverting things

**example A: ADC item changes** these changes were just, a complete failure theres no way around it. i think stormrazor should stay as its a decent item imo, but the main deal is infinity edge needing to be able to be rushed again, its just too essential on too many bot laners to remove and it shows now where we have about 2 meta adcs and the rest are complete shit. sure a crit adc meta is trash but at least you can still play a lot of adcs in that type of meta because most adcs are crit rushers and that wasnt really a problem till last season but that wasnt adcs fault it was how the support meta was( cough ardent) and almost every adc in the game did not need to suffer because of it. if they do end up reverting the changes (given their track record probably in about a year or two) they definitely should up crit item prices a bit and maybe take off a bit of the crit buffer on infinity edge like lowering it to 230% crit dmg instead of 250% **example B: Class updates** they even admitted that they've been complete trainwrecks hence why they arent doing them anymore, they've reverted a lot of these but there are quite a few glaring updates they still refuse to revert like turning malz into a pushing ult bot and keeping skarner a gimmick based garbage champ though i will admit they are getting around to some fixing like the fizz and rengar reverts that took way to long to finally get pushed out **example C: Scuttle** now this, this change caused problems from the very start with funneling becoming a thing and now if your ahead in the jungle you cant hold a lane or shove up for a laner without losing a lot of gold because of its fix. around that time dueling and ganking junglers crowded out everything else and still do because scuttles are too important and your actual jungle doesnt give enough exp for how long the buff timers are, if you cant gank after your clear you pretty much get to do absolutely nothing for a solid minute or two which doesnt sound like much until you think of how much time that is in terms of a match and they plan on lowering jg exp which is gonna make the problem worse especially with minions getting to lanes way faster in the same patch they wont be able to keep up with laners TL:DR riot doesnt like to admit they're wrong and try to balance around bad changes way too long before they just revert them
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