Please make it so that DoT's such as Darius and Twitch can't accidentally steal buffs from their JG.

Darius and Twitch can accidentally steal buffs at level 1 when they leash for their junglers. Blame the jungler all you want, but it still happens, especially when the jungler is trying to avoid smiting the camp. One miss calculation of their ability can leave the camp with 5 HP, and then boom, it's stolen by the DoT damage from their leasher. Riot already made it so that Hunter's Talisman DoT damage can't kill the buff camps... and they did it so that the jungler's item wouldn't acceidentally steal the camp when the jungler is trying to donate the camp to one of their laners. So it wouldn't be that rediculous for Riot to do the same thing, but in reverse, to prevent some of these common camp-stealing DoTs such as Darius and Twitch, from doing the same thing.
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