I enjoyed Ardent Censer more when the heal% passive stacked...

Just for one patch, you wouldn't see obnoxious 2500 health Enchanters survive assassins with just enough health to get away with every mistake they make. Sorakas and Jannas shielding/healing for 800+ value with each skill, simultaneously dying from so much as a Garen breathing at them. I'm probably the only one to think like this judging by the conversations I had with other people, but I really hate Enchanters that flatout have too much health and at the same time contribute 2000+ healing in a teamfight with the press of one item, Redemption. And that's not even taking said Enchanter's own kit into account, so you've got that adding to the 2000+ healing. As someone who loves playing Enchanters, I wish the game would stop demoting Enchanters to Item users. Can't we hit flat shield values of Enchanters really hard for a patch and give them very good AP scaling in exchange?
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