I just don't understand....

I'm struggling with this game. I have played over 400 games in the first part of Season 9's split. I have about a 50% WR and it's so frustrating. Don't get me wrong i'm an awful player and deserve to be in silver. But Some games are soooo easy, others seem like my team is full of bots. The games and matchmaking is so inconsistent. it feels like even though i have 400+ games in this season alone im still playing with people who maybe are playing their first ever ranked game. I see players type " this is my first time this champ" or "normals are boring i'd rather just play ranked". Also a lot of "who cares it's just a game." Idk, i feel like it's impossible to climb or even just see a sliver of improvement. Like i focus my cs but it gets trashed on cause my opponent would rather chase me down the entire lane over csing. and so i usually have to respect it and i end up losing all my cs and then the jungler refuses to gank me cause im quote "trash"... Please don't think im trying to say im better than the people in my elo cause im not but i don't understand how to get better when the game isn't even played correctly in this elo. Junglers refuse to gank outa pettiness. Teams focusing the Tanks instead of the carries in team fights (my most hated) - when you die to you laner and the jungler runs in and tries to 1v1 3 lvl behind dies and rages at you. That one seriously tilts me. cause its simple a level 8 will not beat a lvl 11 with 1+kills Autofill puts bad players in roles they don't know or don't wanna play. People play champs for the first time ranked. Laners not caring about Cs and hard zoning me.. Me just being bad in general. ( i also think i have a horrible champ pool for this meta, considering all games end about 20 mins in silver elo cause it ends up being 20-4 or some ridiculous score, and my champs are late game, or just not meta. AKA Nasus, Kayle, garen... idk) any help would be appreciated.
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