I'm really tired of QSS against Urgot

I work my damn ass to position to the right place and i put enough damage then when i land the perfect R. The ADC just point to click his stupid {{item:3140}} to run free from my R and keep his AA on me till i die ? How that even fair ? I really enjoying how this game give no damn about {{champion:6}} and allowing anyone to counter skillshots yet when it come to {{champion:122}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:555}} QSS can't save you from their R special 3 of them got point to click R. "Edited" Few things i forgot to mention about Urgot in general: 1. His R cast take forever to be finished and if you killed during the casting time the enemy will escape happy and safe while all champions mentioned can in blink of eye kill you before they die. 2. You can body block the Urgot R skillshot for your teammate any day if you have high enough HP % and it will be wasted while you can't body block any point to click R while Pyke R work in X zone which is good to kill anyone in that zone who below the flat HP. 3. Urgot isn't that strong tanker in team fights like Cho while it easy to CC him cause he can't buy {{item:3053}} like Garen , Pyke and Daruis to get free tenacity while he isn't that high ranged champion like Veigar. 4. And Finally Urgot R doesn't chain kill like Pyke and Daruis R with free reset, neither it kill squishy champion from 100-0 like Cho and if you wasn't quick to pull someone before they die in team fight it will go on CD no matter what while Garen R if casted and enemy die before it finish casting it will get free reset on it CDR.
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