I just got back onto the game but I already feel like leaving,

I first played league 2 years ago around my birthday because I wanted something new to do and I'd heard it was a great game. Took me a couple of shots download it (I was too impatient for the long download time lol) but I finally got it running. I was literally hooked on the first game. I played it as much as I could for something like the next 6 months. I was forced to quit when my laptop basically fried itself (dont know if it was a virus or just over used) and it really really bummed me out that I couldnt play league anymore. I finally got a new laptop a few weeks ago and the first thing I did was install league. I was extremely excited to see what had changed since I'd left and I really looked forward to my first game (no matter how rusty I'd be). The first bunch of games went ok. I started getting used to things again and I found that most of my old mains were still really viable. Recently though I started losing a lot. At first I thought it was just because I decided to start ranking a few days ago and maybe I just wasn't ready. Thats when I started looking at stats and paying attention to enemies though. I've come to realize that the meta is pretty much a horror show of insanely strong champions with no real tactic involved. 2 years ago, whenever I played Ahri, I had to time my abilities and use them in a way that would benefit me. Started playing her now and I came to realize that my damage just revolves around button mashing. Counter building? Pretty much non existent. Started with 2 armor items in one game and I still got my ass handed to me by every AD champion in the game. I don't even want to start on all the overpowered champions in the meta. I played 3 ranked games last night. 1st one I was against a Shaco who started off getting bullied but eventually was able to 3 shot any of us. 2nd one had a Xayah/TF who, granted they were fed, pretty much chunked me down despite my full build tankiness on Urgot. 3rd game was the worst since it involved me getting literally 3 shot in the first minute of the game starting by a Pantheon. He proceeded to try and turret dive me just 2 - 3 minutes into the game and got out with most of his HP. Game was nothing but all of us getting 1 and 2 shot by a Pantheon who only had 1 or 2 damage items. Not including how every time I end up against a Yi and we dont finish the game by something like 25 minutes then its pretty much a loss. It just feels to me like Riot made 70 - 80% of the champions insanely busted so that any player can "play well" without really trying. Its just made the game un-fun and a real bore/frustration to play. I also heard that Riot isn't really going to address the busted champions next patch. I'm honestly this close to just quitting the game. I knwo that 2 years ago when I first started playing that tanks were pretty much 1v4ers, but I'd honestly rather go back to that than this.
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