If Nothing Changes In Season 9, I'm Leaving For Good

_**If**_ Towers still don't protect me once we hit level 6, Solo impact is still at minimal, Games are still one sided, Resolve+Dorans Shield are still Braindead, Bruisers still out damage everyone, I'm still not able to pick a runes/mastery that fits my play style, The amount of CS still doesnt matter, I still get 1v1d when I dodge all skill shots and land all of mine against a non fed opponent, Then I won't be here anymore. This season alone is cancer as is, every time I load up the game I question why I even play. People have been complaining since day 1 of Season 8, and Riot still has yet to listen. This season is brain dead as hell, you know its brain dead when Faker himself (the best player of League) cant solo carry games anymore.

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