Honestly i dont know who you got your feed back from about removing the bans from aram i personally loved it right after it got removed i called it i would see velkoz and guess what it was the first game i played with no bans lol. my first complaint is {{item:3802}} reason behind it is the game already has increased mana regen and gives you passive exp for just being in the game so the items is too strong to the points that you will see adcs or ad assasins pick it up for the mana. The passive mana regen on level needs to be removed and just given a flat mps passive or a percentage of missing mana a second kind of thing. secondly champs that can use traps/towers need to have the cds on their traps increased or the basic recharge rate of them maybe even the duration they are in the field. third shieds/heals should have a reduced effect if stacked you know like the whole reason you nerfed heal when you first buffed it a few seasons ago. fourth- make it so that towers take a fixed amount of damage from all sources that way if one team has nothing but adcs they wont instantly take the entire map after one ace. While im on it make it so towers do percentage health damage instead of a flat damage this would help with the unlucky enemy tea has a full on dive comp and your team just dies while tower just tickles the tank alright now things off the top of my head.... bring backtrack back but only for melee champs yes assassins included if you wont nerf lost chapter give melees some sort of sustain option for the early game like a starting item that has a passive to give you increased hp regen if you are under 50% health that builds into warmongs.
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