i really like yuumi

the past 3 or so games iv played with her iv had a lot of fun with her and thats coming from someone who absolutely hates playing support but.... yuumi dosent seem very strong like..at all Passive: its bad im just gonna say that its bad you walk up poke your target your target hits you with one auto or an ability and its all gone sure it MIGHT soak up the damage from that ability but whats the point in that when i wnat to give that shield to my ADC but can never maintain it Q: its a nice poke i like how much freedom i have with on the shoulders of others but the damage is pretty piss poor against anything thats not a squish target and even then its not very good the slow is very short and tbh dosent really work on anyone building movement speed (IE: voli,Warwick,Kayn etc) W: not bad actually works well but i have a feeling that that it will get nerfed with an mana cost once it some how proves to powerful E: Its a nice little heal not as powerful as soraka's healing but the speed boost it adds on the demand at 2 charges is actually pretty nice but again as i said feels week R: I like it.. but the damage is piss poor i understand that shes a support and she shouldnt be dealing ALL the damage but in a meta where damage is turning out to actually be king over all its horrible over all i feel like yuumi dosent excel at in one department if at anything at all she feels very lacking and honestly she feels like she falls off super hard lategame but over all iv been having a blast while playing her and just annoying the shit out of people with her Q
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