The F-ing New Guys at Riot are repeating mistakes from 7+ years ago.

Grumpy old man time! Been here since the dawn of the Genre. Played Dota All Stars and Footman Frenzy. Made Mods as a High Schooler and dreamed of being a Dev. Lurked on forums where Dev's posted. Started playing League on Nocturne patch. Kept up with LoL dev posts since S1. Seen lots of mistakes made and growing pains. After 5 years of playing together got engaged to someone I met on League. Watching the current development team is painful. I am totally unqualified to be a League Developer. I accept that. The best I ever did was a shitty custom mission for Team Apache. I feel like the current crop of Rioters are overconfident and believe their own hype. They keep making mistakes I made when I was making mods. Making changes without understanding why things are designed how they are. I am in Silver because I cannot be arsed to put in the time to sharpen my skills. I have been Silver for 6? Years now. I am not good enough to redesign the jungle. I am not good enough to design champions. But I have watched, read and analyzed almost all the league related content the Developers have shared with players for almost a Decade. The mistakes being made right now are embarrassing. It's amateur hour at the incompetence factory. Back in season 1 through 3 Riot cranked out champions without taking enough time to properly design and test them. (Financial pressure during S1 &2 was intense.) Zoe was a terrifying return to this pattern of terrible decision making. The first failure was at design. Don't blame CertainlyT, blame his fellow designers, blame everyone who didn't say "no that is a bad idea,". Spread that blame like homemade jam on fresh bread, sink it into every bubble and fold. Releasing a Champion during Pre-Season is always risky and not worth. The Scheduling of Pre-Season has always been great for Rioters and frustrating for players. When you are a Dev dumping the Changes on live then going on vacation is great. Look at the data and make changes in the new year. Sucks to be a player dealing with an unbalanced mess over the holidays. Zoe got "tested" during the runes overhaul. The testers failed to realize how powerful Q-Q-R was. The testers thought getting random teleport drops could ever work. The testers failed to even come close to doing their job. Human nature is to ignore mistakes and hope they go away. Its what children do until they are taught to fix and learn from their mistakes. Riot left release Zoe in essentially the same spot for months with tiny meaningless nerfs. Only admitting she hadn't been properly tested and they hadn't reacted fast enough months later. Amateur hour. Basic shit. Thought we were past this five years ago. The Jungle changes show clear lack of understanding of 8 years of changes to the Jungle. It is a repeat of mistakes from Season 2 onward. A proper overhaul of the Jungle requires a lot more than dicking around with Skuttle Crab and nerfing early XP. It requires a complex set of changes to XP across the entire game. It might require changes to the map, new monster types, changes to spawn times, a rework of the buff camps, new mechanics and item reworks. It takes time and thought and understanding to create a jungle that allows many different champions to thrive and unique play styles to emerge. Pushing a narrow view of "Jungle vs Jungle interactions," is disheartening. Jungle was more diverse and better back in Seasons 1 and 3 when there were less champions but more variety in play styles. I would go on about how blindly cranking out more champions is eroding balance and fun, but this is long enough. I still want to have a Nautilus and Nami on my wedding cake but now it will be a celebration of how we met and the "good old days", we'll have to find something new to symbolize a glorious future together. _Edit: This is harsher in tone than than I really was going for. I forgave past mistakes because I trusted you to learn and do better I can't trust you guys to do that anymore. I just REALLY want to express to Rioters new and old just how much history this game has that they seem to be unaware of. Seeing the same mistakes for the 2nd or 3rd time is just disheartening. _
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