New Game Mode idea for League of Legands Death Match Mode on the Rift

1) Team with the most kills Wins game 2) Players don't do damage to Towers, Minions do. (ZZ rot and other Tower damage items or ruins will be taken out of mode) Killing Enemy Players in lane will do damage to tower or inhibitor from that lane. Also Nexus can only be damaged by Minions( Damage needs to be calculated still) 3) Jungle will be spilt into 4 sections ( Top left/ Top Right / Bottom Left / Bottom Right) Player killing any jungler in jungle will receive Buff automatically from section(will not spawn for 3mins) 4) Dragons and Baron still spawn but more often to speed up games 5) Nexus does not win game kills do but Nexus being destroyed by Minions does end the game. If you have any other ideas for this mode please share with me{{summoner:4}}
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