Riot, you cannot ignore this preseason. Bruisers are a joke.

**You** said you couldn't balance the game because of worlds, then said you couldn't balance the game because you're preparing for preseason. Now it's preseason and you're doing jack shit. Bruisers have been shit for the past 3 years, and you don't seem to care a single bit. You'll probably just bring them up to their shitty state of season 6 and 7 and say, "We did our job." **Enough is enough.** ADCs don't need to nuke everyone (but tanks) in 4-5 auto attacks, tanks don't need to be unbreakable walls that only an ADC could break, and supports don't need to make people immune to damage. Mages don't need a majority of their items to be garbage and then Morellonomicon to be overtunned, but then Malzahar be aids everywhere. Top lane doesn't need to be a shit hole where tanks and anti-bruisers auto win against actual bruisers. **This** is preseason; this is when you fix this shit. Is your excuse, "We don't have any reliable data because it's preseason?" Then when will you make changes? During the season when you claim you can't change shit because of competitive play? People haven't forgotten when you said ADCs needed to be broken for competitive. Even competitive players are done with this shit. **Why** can't Riot say that ADC builds are too cheap and ADCs are too effective late game? Why can't Riot say support shouldn't make people immune to damage? Why can't Riot say tanks should be bad in the laning phase because they outscale bruisers with teamfights? **Just** look at next patch. Sona gets fucking murdered because they can't fix Summon: Aery, but Teemo gets to still abuse it. Ezreal gets a love tap while he's still rocking massive play and winrates. Zoe doesn't even get touched despite breaking multiple games. Press the Attack gets nerfed while bruisers get nothing to compensate for it, and they still need buffs even if it wasn't nerfed. Maokai gets the smallest nerf while he's still got one of the highest base AD and base attack speed in all of top lane AS A TANK. Riven is getting buffed despite being balanced (high playrate, low-average winrate, 'high skilled'). Darius barely gets help despite all the nerfs they've slapped him with over the past 2 years despite Darius not being viable since before the Mage Update, and even being half-assed then. Fleet Footwork gets a crit interaction despite everyone knowing that isn't healthy nor makes it viable on anyone but ADCs. Lethal Tempo gets buffed, but everyone knows it's just a keystone to contest with PtA to see who can deal more damage, otherwise be only viable on Kayle who uses it to shove minion waves during the laning phase. **Not even a single Pantheon nerf.** Resolve and sorcery are still broken. **Is it** so hard just to make the simple changes that would fix the game? Objectives die too quickly, turrets cannot hurt tanks, ADCs spike too quickly and too hard, powercreep on tanks is through the roof, supports exponentiate the issue of ADCs. {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} Passives now disable the other. They do not interact. {{item:3094}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3085}} +200 Cost {{item:3046}} +300-400 cost {{item:3508}} Cooldown reduction changed to flat 20% {{item:3031}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3072}} {{item:3812}} -5 AD {{item:3006}} -5% attack speed {{champion:29}} W no longer applies passive over time, applies 2 stacks when the spell hits instead. {{item:3193}} Cost increased to 3000. This is the premier tank item; it should cost close to one. {{item:3194}} Passive reduction reduced to 15%, +50 HP {{item:3075}} Nerf it. If it sucks vs ADCs, then buff it against *ranged only*. Doesn't need to totally negate bruisers. {{item:1054}} It's supposed to be a counter item to Pantheon, Teemo, Rumble etc, instead, tanks just abuse it against bruisers. Fix that. {{champion:57}} Nerf his base AD and base AS, then stop his permahealing. {{champion:516}} whatever the PBE has. {{champion:31}} Stop his permaslowing and permahealing. {{champion:98}} Shouldn't half health people in 3 autos. {{champion:84}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:85}} Nerf into unviablility until you fix their kits from auto winning vs melee champions {{champion:126}} No longer gets bonus armor/mr in melee. Knockback occurs faster and slow reduced, so you fight back once he does his combo. {{champion:90}} Just nerf. {{item:3748}} {{item:3053}} -200 cost (over 10k gold for a 3 item bruiser build) {{item:3071}} Armor pen increased to 30% (5% per stack), now disables the passive 'Last Whisper' so ADCs can't abuse it hard. {{item:3153}} Changed to be not shit on bruisers. Maybe make it double stack Cleaver IF melee. {{item:3022}} Melee only. {{item:3124}} Made not shitty on melee. {{item:3156}} Either stack with Sterak's (Graves can't abuse it anymore, Sterak's is melee only) or buff it in a way that makes it better for bruisers and no one else (like reduce base shield but give it a health ratio). {{champion:92}} DO NOT BUFF **TENACITY:** Reduces displacements/airborne/knockups. {{item:3504}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3222}} {{item:3114}} Less heal/shield power. {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} Actives changed to have the same name. You get one or the other. {{item:3050}} What the hell is the paragraph item of this {{champion:117}} {{champion:497}} nerfed **Precision** Press the Attack -Reverted: 3rd attack (including bonus damage) is increased by exposure damage -Solo effective: Exposure only applies to the user of the keystone, not their entire item. Fleet Footwork -No longer has a crit ratio. Base healing increased. -Ratios no longer adaptive (hybrid champions are the only AP champions who would use this, Adaptive ratios just forced them out of it). Triumph -No longer gives bonus gold (no super snowballing). -Healing no diminishes by 3% on additional recent takedowns (15% -> 12% -> 9% -> 6% -> 3%). Legend: Bloodline - Changed to 1% lifesteal + 0.7% per Legend Stack. (Make it actually useful) Buff the following: Overheal, Cut Down, Last Stand. **Sorcery** Nerf the fuck out of that poke bullshit (Scorch, Comet). Nerf Manaflow Bead for making champions never run out of mana literally. Phase Rush should only give 30% slow resist for ranged. **Resolve** Nerf the overtunned shit like Grasp. **Domination** Probably replace Dark Harvest for a bruiser keystone. Dark Harvest isn't viable for laning because you need to trade, and Dark Harvest is imbalancable for jungle because farm jungling isn't balancable (Sated Dervourer, Feral Flare). **Inspiration** Future's Market: No longer puts you in an additional 50 debt whenever you go into debt beyond the first (otherwise it's just a noob trap). Magical Footwear: No longer reduces when you get free boots based on takedowns (it's already a free 350 gold). Make it 9 minutes if it sucks. **Turrets:** -Reverted: Minions deal 50% damage (from 60%) to turrets -Turrets gain 150/200/250/300 more health based on their tier. -Perfect Precision: Turret shots begin to pierce 15% bonus armor every consecutive shot (max 45%). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do this and you fix a majority of issues in the game. Otherwise, people will continue to say the balance team is a joke and I'll keep saying **Bruisers in 2017 L U L**
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