Ivern's Shield Is Disgustingly Broken

https://i.imgsafe.org/8d/8dda2e4a5f.jpeg https://i.imgsafe.org/8d/8dda62c0d3.jpeg This Morgana has 1814 health, which means this shield is somewhere between 600 - 800 health. With blue buff, this Ivern is sitting at 40% cdr, meaning he can cast this thing roughly every 4-5 seconds. That's not even to mention the shield lasts 2 whole seconds, meaning if you can't break it, he'll cast it again. Everyone wants to throw attention at Riven, but Ivern's shield is on a whole different level. This damn thing has 80% TOTAL AP scaling and he gets to build items that make this damn shield even larger. At max rank his base shield is BIGGER than Riven's and it slows you. He most likely isn't a highly picked champion, which would be why no one is complaining, but holy mother of turd is his shield the most annoying and busted thing to deal with.
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