riot has effectively destroyed all my 4fun strategies.

i used to go smite support or mid shaco and then occasionally take enemy jungle but now that is ruined with minion gold reduction, used to go frost fang and just keep putting boxes in enemy jungle without farming at all but now you need a friend with it. Like really riot? you are ruining every fun aspect of the game by the season just because people abused it. you also ruined smite on lane but now that minion gold is reduced with the item you cant go blue smite for extra mobility. you ruined double jungle with a friend. not like it was broken to go double jungle because your lane would keep getting shoved but you cant even farm the lane anymore. i just wish they didnt have go to these extremes to fix them. i actually am playing less and less every day because of the bad balancing, new bullshit designs and you killing the fun. please just make the game good again.
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