Tank item suggestion

There was a post made about how tanks don't have a late game item like other roles. Adc's have IE or triforce, mages have rabadons or ludens, etc. So hers a proposition for an item that can't be easily built by other roles aside from tanks. -3700 gold -warden's mail -Negatron cloak -passive: cold steel: anyone auto attacking this unit recieves -15% attack speed for 1 second. Passive : Upon receiving damage from an enemy champion, take reduced damage for 20% for up to 3 seconds. This passive can only be activated when the champion has a combination of 230 Armor/magic resist. 40 second cooldown. Passive: If champion has less armor then magic resist, gains 60 armor. If champion has less magic resist than armor, gains 60 magic resist. You can only get one of the two effects, does not stack on itself. Must have a combined total of 230 armor/magic resist to activate. Heres how it works: lets say I have 100 armor and 80 magic resist, Effect won't activate, as 100+80<200. Lets say I have 160 armor and 100 MR, since 160+100>230, effect activates. Furthermore, with the 2nd half of the passive, you now have 160 armor and 160 MR, and it helps survive against poke, while not making you invincible. With these terms, its quite literally a useless buy for anyone else aside from adcs or support, and even some bruisers. You have to specifically buy tank items if you want to build this item. Suggestions or comments?
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