The Reason You're Not Able to Dodge Skillshots Could be this Surprizingly Common Problem.

**Have you ever been blindsided by a stray binding or snare that you didn't even see?**{{champion:99}} You may be in a surprisingly large group of people, with an unfair disadvantage in game, and not even know it. This group of people makes up one in twelve men, and one in two-hundred women worldwide, and has probably costed you a more than a few games if you are part of this group. The group of people who I'm referencing here have trouble seeing in-game abilities, and **they are not specifically Colorblind**, but are **Color Impaired**, and colorblind mode doesn't always help. ** You may be Color Impaired and not even know it.** Color Deficiency is difficult to accurately diagnose, and certain tests may not even confirm your impairment, regardless of whether or not you are impaired. **The biggest difference between Colorblindness and Color Impairment is that Color Impaired people can still see every color.** You may ask at this point, is that even a problem, then? The answer is **YES**. In fact, depending on the person, Color Impaired people may even have a _**MORE DIFFICULT**_ time seeing in-game abilities than Colorblind people are. **How do I know if I am Color Impaired?** Unfortunately, you may be Color Impaired and never get a diagnosis. However, if your impairment is bad enough, you will be able to get a diagnosis from an online test, but don't count on any doctors helping you out unless it's getting in the way of your school or work. **Why is this an issue?** **In a game where Skillshots are more powerful and longer lasting than other abilities, this is a huge issue.** The biggest challenges a Color Impaired person faces in game is the lack of dodging abilities, meaning those long lasting snares{{champion:25}} and high damage pokes{{champion:126}} are more likely to hit, and I doubt I need to explain why this is unfair. That feeding teammate you have may not even be playing the same game as you, they might just be Color Impaired. **What are the problems I need to be careful of in game if I am Color Impaired?** A common problem Color Impaired people have is that they are less able to differentiate the area of effect of a skillshot and the surrounding terrain and entities. There are a select few Champions in game you need to be wary of if you think you might be Color Impaired, and it's different for all different types of Impairment. The only person I can speak for is myself, but a **VERY COMMON** problem Champion, or skin, rather, is Elementalist Lux. {{champion:99}} Yes that is why I put lux on the first line of this post; because she causes problems for people of many different types of Color Impairment. When I spoke to a Rioter about this skin, they had mentioned that even they themselves choose what color they want to play as based off of their type of Colorblindness, because some were easier to see, and some were harder. Elementalist Lux seems to be a common ground problem for those who are Color Impaired. **How do we fix the problems Color Impairment causes?** **There are many ways to fix this problem that will level the playing field for you, but there is no single solution.** In order to make the game fair for everyone, there will need to be more than one change. I've personally suggested a few things to riot myself, but I alone cannot change the game, and we need more people to be proactive about getting this problem resolved. I've told Riot a few champions that affect me, and how, but for those who are not me, please leave a comment below telling riot what champions and what abilities you find too hard to see in game so that we may help eliminate the frustration of playing against an unfair matchup. Please upvote and share this post so that we can bring more awareness to this problem within the League community, and help make the game less toxic for all. I'll be doing my part as well. To any Rioters reading this, I say you need more than one colorblind mode, you need to have colorblind mode affect the newer champions and skins in a way that allows for easier differentiation of terrain and champion abilities, and you need to add solid cores to otherwise mostly transparent Skillshots. I will go into more detail in my comments down below.
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