Why does supports always have to be lower level then the rest of the team?

Is it a balance problem if they are the same level as rest of their teammates? I hate being 2 or 3 levels lower then rest of my teammates. Here an idea to help with it: I was the thinking bring back the season 4 mastery Inspiration: Grants 10 / 20 experience for every 10 seconds while near an allied champion with a higher level Make it as a unique passive in the gold income items{{item:2303}} {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} {{item:3401}} {{item:3069}} {{item:3092}} You can also make the experience that you get for ever 10 seconds scale with time. In the beginning of the game its 10 which then scales to 100 if the game gets to 50 min mark. Or just leave it at a fix number like 20. This idea is way better then the ward exp thing. Honestly the ward exp made no difference.
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