Finally got to that point

Have you guys ever gotten trolled before the game? Someone asked me to first pick for them, I figured why not? As long as they have Singed or Fiora, I'm okay with it. So I did. I picked him Amumu like he asked. Then I noticed something. He used his ban to ban our adc's pick. Of course, I didn't think much of it. Who plays Kalista, anyways? Then, after I locked in, I saw him switch to Yi. He chose Yi. Locked him in as soon as he could. Didn't even pay me any mind. So, he sent an Amumu top vs Darius. Honestly? I didn't even try. The second we loaded in, he started saying "troll top gg amumu top" and things along the line. "He picked a troll since his pick got banned". Uhh... okay? This is news. It honestly was the thing that tilted me, I don't mind people who flame, who harrass, who troll, but, when it completely shuts down the enjoyment of the game by forcing you to play a champ you're completely terrible at? Just because you were being nice? Learned my lesson the hard way.
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