I'm not playing League anymore until Riot's balance quits pretending that the game is fun.

I don't like one sided games where the score is 1/17, even when I'm the one hypercarrying the game sometimes. Wanna know why? Because the game is fucking over before I can even have the slightest bit of fun with my massive lead. What's even more miserable is being on the opposite side of things, where you're 3/0 in lane, but realize the score is 3/18 so you just lose no matter what. There's never a in between, it's either you lose, or you win before the 12 minute mark. I can't even play top lane anymore without getting ganked 4 times before the 4 minute mark due to jungle paths, ganking champions, and red buff fucking me up. There's WAY too much damage and WAY to much flexibility to kill towers. Rift Herald is fucking broken beyond my comprehension, if your team has the slightest bit of jungle and lane control, then you just win the game by taking 2 towers for free at the 10 minute mark because it's still laning phase. There's just way too much shit in the game right now that let's your steamroll super early, from a level 2 power spike then killing someone in lane due to runes doing too much damage, to first blood turret gold (Might I add, is equivalent to 2 kills or 31 CS). You guys in the balance team need to wake up already, playing Roblox has more compelling gameplay than this shit right now.

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